Origins of the Master of Ceremonies developed from the time of Emperor Constantine the Great; a name given to elaborate ritual performers. In modern day the title was transferred to music creators and entertainers. The MC, a commonly known abbreviation, was responsible for hosting and retaining crowds of people in different settings. Every event relied on a Master of Ceremonies to entertain an audience with a non stop performance until the wee hours of the morning. This was a time when the DJ was considered the MC and was the most important element of any crowd driven event.

In 2002, Latin Prince A&R for Universal Music Group and founder of the legendary Bum Squad DJz World Wide drafted 21 year-old hobbyist DJ BIG DAVE into the elite Bum Squad network. Besides BIG DAVE’s overwhelming presence and charismatic personality, Latin Prince saw an unique skill set in Dave that would later develop into a promising career.

11 years later, BIG DAVE has not stopped perfecting his performance and has evolved from a hobbyist DJ to a true Master of Ceremonies. Known for his party rocking ability to entertain massive crowds and ingenious song selection; BIG DAVE has the skills to perform all night for a crowd in any setting. His unorthodox open format style has landed him top end bookings at concerts and residencies at premiere venues in Philadelphia, New York City, Washington DC, Baltimore, and Atlantic City.

DJ BIG DAVE’s latest en devour in the Latin Fuzion scene has kept him busy on top of touring all over the coast 52 weeks a year. Dave is the Co-founder and President of the Latin Connection Family; DJ super group and network comprised of the best Latin Fuzion DJs in the US. Within the last two years BIG DAVE and the Latin Connection Family have moved to the fore front of the new age Latin movement in America. Influenced by legendary DJs such as Funk Master Flex, Kid Capri, and DJ Enuff, BIG DAVE has not forgotten his New York City upbringing. The Bronx native has been praised by many industry vets for his originality and capabilities of successfully bridging the Latin Fuzion sound into mainstream America.

“In all my experiences in nightlife, BIG DAVE is one of the few DJs I’ve heard that can spin House, Dance Music, Top 40, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Dance Hall, 80’s Freestyle, and Classic Hip Hop, all in one performance.” – Barry Gutin Nightlife Connoisseur and CEO of Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar